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Woman uses pesticide to wash hair, suffers severe poisoning

A woman living in East China imitated washing her hair in a short video with a pesticide to destroy fleas, and then she was rushed to the hospital for severe poisoning.
The resident of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, surnamed Li, saw others in a short video destroying fleas by using a farm chemical, so she decided to have a try, according to a report of Knews.
After washing her hair with a pesticide, Li wrapped her hair with a towel for 20 minutes to extend the time of the pesticide on her hair and then she washed off the chemical. One hour later, Li began to feel dizzy and was not able to breathe, and then she began to sweat.
Her family rushed her to the hospital and doctors diagnosed her with severe poisoning. They instantly shaved her hair off and cleaned her scalp to remove the poison from her head.
Now Li’s condition is stable and she continues to receive treatment in the hospital’s intensive care unit. One of Li’s doctors said that besides taking pesticides orally, some kinds of pesticides can also be absorbed through the skin, so using pesticides to remove fleas hiding in hairs is very dangerous.
Chinese netizens condemned those who publish videos containing wrongful information that spread dangerously to the public.

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