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Fearless Police Officer Pulls Python From Car Engine In Hair-Raising Video

A police officer in Michigan, USA, has impressed the Internet by fearlessly removing a python from inside a car’s engine. According to M Live, last Wednesday night, Shelby Township police officer Autumn Fettig responded to a call about a reptile found in a car. The officer reached the spot and managed to capture the snake – impressing many with her courage.

The Shelby Township Police Department shared a video on Facebook showing how Officer Fettig captured the snake. The video shows her reaching for the python with a gloved hand and carefully putting it in a plastic bin.

“This Is probably NOT the kind of call Officer Fettig expected to take tonight,” wrote Shelby Township Police Department while sharing the clip.

Watch the video below:


Since being shared online about a week ago, the video has raked up over 17,000 views and a number of impressed comments.

“Great job Autumn! I would’ve been scared,” wrote one person. “She was so gentle and fearless,” said another. “She is brave,” a third commented.

Police say that the python is probably an escaped pet and have appealed to the public for more information.

In August last year, a woman in Wisconsin, USA, having car troubles found a huge python under the hood.


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