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‘I’m a Unicorn’: Weather Reporter’s Bizarre Halloween Costume at Work Leaves Co-Anchor in Splits (Video)

Halloween concluded on Thursday but there is no end to bizarre costumes surfacing online. Now, in a rather brave move, a meteorologist, who appeared on television for forecast, gave his colleagues a good laugh with his colourful Halloween costume.
When meteorologist Jordan Witzel walked into work on Thursday, he was wearing a white bodysuit, bright pink hair wig, pink tail and, of course, a horn. what was he dressed as? The ‘mystical Ferdinand’ or a unicorn. He announced his arrival by saying “I’m a unicorn.”
The anchor for the show Dallas Flexhaug burst out laughing on seeing Witzel dressed like that. As he bravely attempted to give out the weather news, his colleagues could not stop laughing.
In the end of the clip, Witzel can be heard saying, “I didn’t even bother shaving, I thought maybe it would add to the whole thing.” A voice from behind the camera responded to this with, “Sure, sure, that’s where the focus is.”
Just like his colleagues, the comment section on YouTube was lit with humourous admiration for the man’s bravery. One user wrote, “This man needs to be in charge of every decision at Corus Entertainment.”

Another one urged that he deserved a raise for this fun show by writing, “Please give this unicorn a raise.”

As per a report by Mashable, this is not the first time when Witzel put up such a Halloween costume and appeared on air. The report further said that once he has worn an inflatable bumper ball and even dressed up as Princess Leia from Star Wars.

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