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Top 10 Scariest Nun Cakes for Halloween

Halloween is a period when very weird expressions of creativity emerge in every aspect of life. Cake makers are not left out in the scary expression of creativity during this period.

Some creative cake specialists came up with scary Halloween cakes that stunned the internet. Though cake is an exciting delicacy only the brave would taste any of these ones without a second thought.

Here are some very scary Nun cakes made for Halloween. Some of these cakes were inspired by a 2018 American gothic supernatural horror film entitled The Nun directed by Corin Hardy. The movie features a demonic Nun called Valak who haunts people as part of the central plot of the film.

10. The Conjuring Cupcake

This cupcake is made with plastic chocolate. Looks as scary as Halloween lovers would want it to look but definitely declicious.

9. The Nun Demon,Valak by kello

This demon is from the movie “The Nun”. Inspiration came from Koalipops. Super fun cake to make for Halloween! Nice contribution from Kello.

8. The Nun Cake by The BakeKing

Very interesting piece by BakeKing. He posted on his facebook page that he actually enjoyed making this cake. What a scary piece of enjoyment. Nice one though.

7. The Nun Cake by Phey

This is a 2015 Halloween cake. According to the maker of this cake as she posted on social media, “It was late upload, my colleagues requested me to do a halloween cake a day before the halloween. So i decided to create this character. They thought it was a mask only.” This is a creative but scary piece.

6. The Nun Cake by Annabelle Cake

This is an amazing spooky Halloween horror cake. Definitely far more delicious that it looks.

5. The Nun Cake, by Sweetsbysheryll – Cakes Decor

This is a mix of fondant and modeling chocolate with edible glow dust for her eyes. Very interesting piece of creativity.

4. The Nun Cake from Lallacakes.

This is a carnival sculpted cake. It is a chocolate mud cake filled with nutella, covered with dark chocolate ganache and fondant. It was a 2018 Halloween cake.

3. The Nun Cake by Reckless Cake Art.

The maker of the cake says this is “My attempt at the Nun, Valak, from Conjuring 2 bust cake for Halloween. Been a while since I’ve done a cake and certainly had its challenges. Sculpting is sooo hard and I wanted to do something that helped develop that skill, especially when it comes to human features as it is a weakness of mine.”

This cake was made with peanut butter filled with homemade salted caramel, chocolate truffle and crunchy peanut buttercream. Another interesting creative piece.

2. The Nun Cake by Nerea’s dreamy Cakes

This is chocolate modelling and cake bust of the nun.

1. The Nun “Trapped Soul” by Hend Taha-HODZI CAKES


This is a 2017 Halloween contribution. Sure looks scary but very delicious too.

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