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Most Expensive TV in the World Costs N810 Million

With evolving technology televisions are becoming cheaper as assembling materials also become cheaper. More people are affording television these days. But wait a minute; you may not say this for every television out there. There are some unbelievably expensive probably because of the features they offer the users. These televisions perhaps can only be afforded by the super-rich people in the world who have some extra “loose” millions to spend and make themselves happier. What you see on the screens of this exceptionally expensive television definitely cannot feel the same as the ordinary ones. The money on them alone could probably have its own effect on the atmosphere. You may never know until you sit in front of such screens.

Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition is the most expensive television in the world. It costs $2.25 Million (about N810 Million). Before you freak out just check this out; It has diamond TV buttons, 2,500 grams of dense 22-carat gold, 18-carat pink gold applied in the 28-kilogram splendid frame, and approximately 48 diamonds. Of course, this is a limited edition, but the good news is that you can order a matching phone case (out of stock) or even a diamond-encrusted golden laptop ($284135) to go with it. So you can really see this is truly.

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