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Couple given electric shocks by family members over relationship, left to die

Those who gave them electric shocks repeatedly thought they had died because they passed out. But they survived. Probably their love was stronger than ‘their death’.

A couple in a relationship were allegedly abducted, given electric shocks till they lost consciousness and then thrown in a field by the woman’s family members.

The accused apparently believed them to be dead and left them in the field.

The couple, however, survived the attack and lodged a police complaint on Monday.

Superintendent of Police Shlok Kumar said that the man Deepak, 23, and the woman came to them and said that they wanted to get married against the wishes of the woman’s family.

They said that they eloped on January 29, but were caught the next day from Atra Barauli village in Chikasi area by the family members of the woman.

They were then taken to Mahoba by Shodhan, Dharmendra and Lakshman – all relatives of the woman – where they were given electric shocks repeatedly till they became unconscious.

The SP said that the matter was under investigation and the accused would be arrested soon.

Khaleej Times

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