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Man gets assaulted for refusing sex at massage parlour in Dubai

Four expats, including two women, are standing trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after they allegedly assaulted a man and left him with a severe head injury.

The four defendants, all Vietnamese, are accused of leaving the Algerian man with a swollen head and other serious injuries after repeatedly punching him and beating him with a steel tube.

Court documents show that on September 10 last year, the victim went to a centre for massage. A brawl shortly ensued as he was offered sex. He tried to take back the Dh400 he paid upon his arrival. But he ended up being beaten when he threatened to call the police. The incident was reported at Al Rafaa police station.

All the four persons are charged with aggravated assault. The two men, including a 18-year-old jobless and an 39-year-old investor, are accused of running a flat as a prostitution den while the two women, aged 33 and 35, are accused of working as prostitutes.

The two women and the 18-year-old accused have been detained.

The complainant, a 45-year-old manager, said that around 5.30pm he went to a centre (whose name he didn’t remember) to have a massage. “At the entrance, I was made to pay Dh400. When I entered a room, I took off my clothes and was looking for a towel but a masseuse there told me it was ok to stay as I was.”

During investigation, the complainant recounted how he argued with that woman when she changed into scanty clothes. “As she began talking about sex, I told her I went there just for a massage. I stood up, opened the door and called for the receptionist. I told him to give me back my money as I did not want what they were offering.”

As he threatened to call the police and was about to use his mobile phone, a man slapped him on the chest. “Another man hit me on my back. All the defendants then surrounded me, punching me and assaulting me with a steel tube on my face,” the victim recalled.

He was bleeding profusely when he was kicked out. “It was just a flat. A passer-by called the police and ambulance,” he told the prosecutor.

According to a forensic report, the head injury sustained by the victim was permanent. He also suffered bruise in the right eye.

All the detained accused denied having assaulted the massage customer. One of the men admitted he used to bring customers to have sex in the flat. The two women confessed they worked in prostitution.

The trial will continue on February 9.

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