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Wedding cancelled as groom’s father ‘disappears’ with bride’s mother

Reports have it that they were childhood friends but their actions to rekindle age long love affair has cost their kids what would have a wonderful wedding.

A young couple from Gujarat, India, had to call off their marriage after the groom’s father and the bride’s mother rekindled their childhood romance and eloped.
The bizarre turn of events unfolded just weeks before the couple, from Surat city in Gujarat, were to tie the knot in February. The groom’s father, 48, and bride’s mother, 46, are reported to be missing for 10 days now.
According to a report in The Times of India, the couple had got engaged to each other for a year and had been preparing for their wedding since then. The news of their parents eloping has left the couple and their families in a state of shock.
It is reported that both families were neighbours and the eloped pair knew each other since the time they were in school. “They knew each other since they lived in the same society. Some of their close friends informed us after they eloped that they had a relationship in the past too,” said one of the relatives.
The woman’s husband is a diamond artisan, and the groom’s father with whom she eloped works as a textile businessman and deals in property.

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