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Top 15 Ugliest Shoes In The World

Fashion is one thing you could describe as very personal. Not everyone would like to wear what is in vogue or what is regarded as normal. Some classy people want expensive designer wears from Gucci, Georgio Armani and the rest of the top designers of expensive fashion items in the world. Some others would prefer something very odd so as to look unique or just different from the crowd. However, there are outfits that look so weird that you could begin to wonder whether the person wearing them is okay at all. Yet such items are either very expensive or are custom made rare items not everyone can have access to, even if you have the money.

Foot wears are very important aspects of complete fashion. In fact, fashion is always incomplete without a good pair of shoes. But there are foot wears that you would see and wonder what the designer had in mind. Most of these ugly shoes are very expensive yet if they give you for free you might look the other way. Funny in deed but those who want to wear them must have reasons to do so. These foot wears are just wacky, from the design to how it holds the legs. Some are just looking offensive or morally depraved. Some religious persons could even describe some of these ugly foot wears as ‘end time shoes’. Lol! “How can someone wear these shoes,” you may ask. But yeah, people actually wear them. Here’s a collection of top ugliest and wackiest shoes in the world.

The Cowboy Sandal Boot

This is really fashion gone wrong. The leather sandal boot is looks offensive yet not very cheap, given the materials used in making it.

Internet Myth Shoes

This one looks like something out of a horror movie. Yet someone ordered for it to be made. It just looks like you’re wearing a dead man’s feet as foot wear. More like ‘Walking Dead’. I can’t even laugh yet its really funny. Imagine what will happen if you wear this to a burial ceremony or to drop off your kid in at the venue of a birthday event. That’s the end of the show for the kids you sight your legs. Lol!

Jeffrey Campbell’s Barbie Head Shoe

Barbie dolls are popular across the world but to have Barbie heads in heels of a shoe is one wacky fashion that will surely make a list of ugly shoes anywhere. It was even reported that Whoopi Goldberg wore this pair of shoes on a talk show. Very weird in deed.

Business Casual Slipper Loafer by Gucci

An attempt to combine the best of comfort and professionalism in one shoe eventually turned ugly. When you consider that Gucci is the designer you definitely know that this is not cheap at all. Might be expensive but doesn’t look nice. Sorry Gucci, but this looks like where two strange cultures are forced to exist together at gun point. Lol! They might be nice to the legs but not to the eyes.

The Fuccboi Bait

This is another weird attempt by a designer to create a unique pay that seems to be way off in terms of aesthetics. It’s called Fuccboi Bait shoe. Looks like space ship meant to transport only the legs out of this planet leaving the body behind. Lol!

High Chair Shoes

With High Chair Shoes short people have the option of adjusting their height to their fashion sense. This shoes makes that ption possible. But what does it really look like? Really weird.

Donald Trump’s Toupee


Donald Trump now has almost every item on earth modeled after him or any of his body parts. This one is not even cheap at all. For $1,800, Gucci has given Donald Trump fans to opportunity to wear his toupee on their feet. But the fact that its modeled after Trump doesn’t remove it from the list of ugly shoes around.

Pointy Boots

This must be a serious joke.You could get arrested for carrying a dangerous weapon which you claim to be a pair of shoes. The Mexican pointy boots are a popular footwear a specific dance event in Mexico, though variants of these boots are also being made by designers across the world. But they are rare and few. Outside Mexican dance events they look really weird.

Cowboy Cobra boots

Animal rights activists need to see this footwear. It’s not even cheap at all, given the materials used to make it.

Horse Hoof Heeled Shoe

Some people really feel like turning into animals of their choice. Or how do you explain this shoe? Yet someone loves it this way. Weird in deed!

Weird High Heeled Cowboy Boots

What is she trying to achieve? Psychologists need to come close for emergency counseling in case you’re thinking what I’m also thinking.

Combined Heels and Flats

If you really can not make up your mind on whether to wear heels or flats there’s actually an ugly option for you. Go for this weird pair.

Weird Jean Shoe

If you’re not really sure of whether to wear your jean and go barefooted or simply combine your footwear and your jean, this is what you end up looking like. Looks nice to many people but a bit wacky.

Teeth and Shoes

For those who live in dangerous neighborhoods and afraid of losing a tooth or two to hoodlums without time to rush back to the dentist for artificial replacement, you can actually have extra teeth on your shoes. This really looks scary.

Dove Shoe

Whether this will make you an angel or a demon is what we need to check first. This is extremely strange fashion.

Wacky Pair

Where do you really want to wear this to? Please let us know before we say anything.

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