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Chinese Woman Wears Giraffe Costume As Protection From Corona Virus (Viral Video)

How far can you really go to protect yourself from the coronavirus scourge? Well, a Chinese woman is not taking chances at all as this viral video has shown.

As the coronavirus scare continues to grip China, a video of woman dressed in a giraffe costume to protect herself from the infection has surfaced on the internet. She visited a hospital wearing the costume and the video is breaking down the internet.

According to South China Morning Post, the woman’s face masks had expired and she needed to visit the hospital to collect medicines for her family.

She was unable to buy a new one as many provinces are running out of masks due to high demand. Hence, she came up with an innovative idea to keep herself protected. She ordered two giraffe costumes online.

The costume covered her fully from head to toe and featured a transparent plastic sheet over her face for her to see around.

The viral video shows the woman walking around in the video and even talking to a doctor.

The woman’s costume might be innovative but not really a defense against the coronavirus as authorities have said that such costumes are unable to protect people from infection. The costumes themselves even have to be disinfected after use to ensure their safety.


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