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Father gives son hilarious haircut to make sure he doesn’t sneak out during lockdown

Various governments are currently imposing lockdown in their country as a way of preventing the spread of coronavirus disease.

Philippine is one of the countries that have taken that measure to keep their citizens indoors during the pandemic.

It is easy for adults to obey the order and stay at home but not so for most kids, especially the stubborn ones.

Well, a man in Philippine is not taking chances at all. So he came up with a hilarious move to keep his son indoors.

The Filipino father came up with an ingenious but wacky way of keeping his young boy in the house during the recently issued lockdown due to the rapidly spreading Covid-19 pandemic.

Last week, photos of a young boy crying his heart out and sporting a rather unusual hairdo went viral on Filipino social media, getting over 60,000 shares and thousands of comments.

It turns out that the pictured boy had stubbornly refused the stay-at-home order, so his father had to come up with a way to convince him. Instead of scolding him or punishing him, he simply took a knife and gave him a rather humiliating “balding” haircut.

The photos clearly show that the boy is not very happy with his new look, but his smiling dad looks pretty pleased with his work. The photos were posted on Facebook by the boy’s older sister, who explained the reasons for the unflattering haircut and also shared a photos of her brother sporting his regular hairdo for comparison.

“I want to laugh, but he looks so miserable,” one person commented on the photos.

“It’s a bit too much, the boy looks so sad,” someone else wrote.

Well, the boy is definitely not happy with this move but if this is what will keep him indoors and save his father some trouble, not bad at all. Lols!!

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