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15 Wackiest Manicure in the World

Women who love fashion make sure every part of their body that should be fashionable gets the best for the public to see. Finger nails are very good outlets for out-poor of passion for fashion. This is why manicure is a very important aspect of a woman’s fashion programme. However, when the choice of what to have as fingernail becomes very weird you then wonder what the intention was in the first place.

Note that it is not even an easy thing to do when you decide to get manicure. The process could be painstaking. To get a manicure is to be catered to for 45 minutes or much longer, if you need an elaborate and unique fix.

While the polish dries, you are a woman of leisure, unable to so much as lift your own handbag or flip the pages of your favorite novel. It’s hard to even check your phone, which makes it a rare and welcome respite from the digital deluge. The language barrier between the customers and the nail techs is a positive feature for some salon regulars. The manicurists are usually very busy with details that they might not even give you attention for any discussions. So when someone decides to get a weird manicure it’s difficult to understand how fashion comes into play. Yet people love weird things. They want to be unique even if the entire world thinks they are wacky.

Nail designs constitute very popular fashion trend across the world. It’s totally normal to see women with colorful acrylic nails walking down the street. It only becomes abnormal when the choice of manicure is just weird. No doubt, s great manicure can make you feel better about yourself (especially if your natural nails don’t seem to grow), but in the last few months it seems that manicures have gone from fashionable to freaky. While most nails trends are pretty and wearable, sadly there are also a lot of impossible and silly nail trends taking over Instagram and Pinterest. Here are 15 nail trends that only those who are wearing them can explain what is happening!

Looks quite freaky to have as manicure. Whoever is wearing this will have to be extra carefuy using her fingers otherwise it could get damaged at the slightest scratch.

You don’t really know the name to give some of these designs. For instance, if you call this one terrorist manicure you might not be entirely wrong. Otherwise what would a machine gone be doing on your finger nails?

This one is called scorpion nail. Of course, animal rights advocates would love this; I mean the weirdest among them. The scorpion manicure was first thought up by Lupita Garcia and her friend Rocio Vidales, a nail salon owner. Lupita loved scorpions, and so together the pair decided to glue tiny, dead baby scorpions to her nails using a thick, clear nail polish gel. The look is now fairly popular in Mexico and other parts of the world, but the reality of the look is dead baby animals on the ends of your fingers, which is pretty gross.

Here’s the downside to this nail option. It is dangerous. Anyone who wears real scorpions on their nails is risking exposure to the scorpion’s venom, which can be harmful to humans. So even if you like this strange nail trend, it is best to avoid it. So be guided on the choice you make for a manicure.

Definitely farmers in rural areas could help us with the name for the nail trend on the left. Otherwise we call it banana peel nail; and you know the implication of having banana peel near you.

Which other name do you want to call this one if not ‘Divorce in View’? What a weird and freaky option. The fact that the images look like dead bride and groom doesn’t even help matters at all.



Hope this is not called “Hunger Solution Nails” because it reminds of one thing.


This one is called Money Manicure by the designer that made it. But try buying something with it and see whether you will not end up receiving the item behind bars. Los!

The money manicure involves cutting up real money to create a nail design using money prints. Most people opt to use $1 bills, but there are pictures of manicures online that use $100 bills, reports The Talko. It is really difficult to understand why anyone would spend that much when the effect is basically the same as the $1 look, but if that’s how you want to spend your money no one will stop you. The main issue is that money doesn’t actually look good. It isn’t an attractive colour and the design isn’t that appealing, so it just doesn’t make sense as a replacement for nail polish. So why waste time on this weird nail trend? Well, some people still prefer weird looks and might opt for this.

These are among the weirdest of nail trends but there are many more out there. Designers are definitely coming up with more of these freaky, sometimes very annoying nail trends. It’s your choice to make when it has to do with hoe you look.

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