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Foot Underwear! Fashion is getting Wackier than you think (Photos)

Just when you thought fashion cannot get any more bizarre something comes up to stun the fashion world. Even when you think it could be rejected at introductory level it begins to boom and become fashionable. This best describes Feet Underwear. They look weird but people are beginning to love wearing them.

Some say Foot panties are for those days you just can’t trust your feet while some others believe people are now dolling their feet up to engage in carnal seduction by putting on foot panties.The new trending fashion is called ‘Feet Underwear’.


Kingston Gazette describes this growing trend this way: “…and all over social media, people are dressing their feet and toes all up in Jezebel’s seduction, uncouth lingerie and flesh revealing satins that do nothing but put sin thoughts into the mind. It is hard to get online and see people doing things like this because it is a cry for help. People should only take pictures like this for their boyfriends or husbands. What is even worse is that this is really big in the gay community too and they are trading pictures of their feet like baseball cards.

So that’s what fashion has drifted into, especially seductive fashion. Some people might be wearing it but it’s definitely a put-off for many. Might really take a while before becoming very common in a any society.

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