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Fearless Grandma Drags Cobra, Tosses It Away In Shocking Video

There are so many grandmothers that are fearless but this one is pretty exceptional.

You might have to watch this video in disbelief if you have the courage to check it out at all.

It shows the unlikely sight of an elderly woman dragging and tossing a huge cobra away – as casually as if it were a length of rope instead of a venomous snake.

Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda who shared the video on Twitter by, identified the snake as a cobra. The video is now viral.

In the video, the old woman is seen walking with the snake, held firmly in one hand, dragging behind her. After crossing an open compound surrounded by houses, she reaches an open space and throws the cobra away.

“Grandma that’s not the way to treat a COBRA,” wrote Mr Nanda while sharing the video on the microblogging platform.

Here’s the video below:

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