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Frillback Pigeons, beautiful pigeon breed with naturally curly feathers (Video)

This is one amazing pigeon breed you would love to have in your home.

Frillback pigeons are one of the most coveted breeds among pigeon fanciers, prized both for its relatively calm temperament and for their unique frills or curls.

This breed of pigeons is believed to have originated somewhere in Asia Minor. It’s beautiful nature is said to be the result of many years of selective breeding.

What makes this pigeon breed outstanding are the frill or curls on the wing shield feathers, as well as at the end of the foot feathers or muffs. Slightly larger than other pigeon breeds, with long tail and wing feathers, Frillback pigeons are considered some of the most elegant of fancy pigeon breeds and are very popular at pigeon beauty contests.

According to research by L. Paul Gibson, the distinct curls of frillback pigeons are controlled by two partially dominant morphological modifier genes, given the symbols “Cu1” and “Cu2“, although evidence suggests that a third gene, perhaps one that causes longer feathers, may also be involved.

The fancy curls might be a hindrance to frillbacks’ ability to fly freely. But that’s not a problem. Even if they can only walk, they still look lovely.

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