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Instagram model gets giant cheeks after injecting her face with fillers to look cute (see before and after photos)

This might not be what she bargained for but the outcome is buzzing the internet with frenzy.

A 31-year-old Instagram model from Ukraine is buzzing the internet and making international news headlines for her bizarre addiction to cosmetic fillers, which she likes injecting into her cheeks.

The young lady identified as Anastasiia Pokreshchuk decided that she needed cosmetic enhancements to achieve her desired looks. Only instead of seeking a professional to carry out the procedure, the 31-year-old took it upon herself to inject her own face with hyaluronic acid. Her interest was to increase the size of her lips and cheekbones, and despite having already “achieved” a bizarre look, she says she is not going to stop injecting even more fillers into her face.

“I love this look. I was a grey mouse before,” Pokreshchuk said on English TV show This Morning. “My nose was too big, now I have lips and cheeks and it looks okay.”

Anastasiia, who currently has over 158,000 fans on Instagram alone, injects herself with hyaluronic fillers according to the instructions of a doctor’s online tutorial, and claims that she is aware of the dangers she exposes herself to, but makes sure to use sterilized equipment and does it “like a doctor”.

“This can be dangerous but I do it with doctors,” Anastasiia said. “I am learning online. I was worried, but I love this. An infection is not good, but everything is sterilized when I’m doing this. I do it like a doctor.”

The young Ukrainian admitted that not everyone understands her obsession, adding that even her mum thinks what she does is crazy, but at the end of the day what matters is that she is happy. Apparently, her new look has made her more confident and that in turn has positively impacted her romantic life.

According  to Anastasiia, she has spent about $2,000 on cosmetic fillers so far. This is a lot less than what she would have spent at a professional clinic though she would have had better results than what self-medication landed her into. Well, her fans are really having fun on instagram.

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