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Meet 95-Year-Old Indian Man Who Allegedly Has Never Cut His Hair (Video)

For some reason this elderly man has decided to keep a record not many my wish to emulate.

This 95-year-old man from India’s Karnataka state claims that he has never once cut his hair, which now measures an impressive 24-feet-long and has to be bundled into a huge, entangled mass on top of his head.

While many people were worried during this year’s lockdown that they couldn’t have access to the hairdresser for a few weeks, this Indian man claims he has gone almost a century without getting his haircut even once.

Doddapalliah, who is said to be 95-years-old, is revered by many as a human deity in his home town of Molakalmuru, Chitradurga district, needs to have his hair wrapped into a giant ball on top of his head and secured with cloth just so he can move around. The reason for this is that his entangled locks measure a whopping 24 feet (7.3 meters) in length.

According to a viral Newsflare video Doddapalliah himself believes himself to be a human deity, and has never once trimmed his locks for fear of losing his status as a human god. Although the long and heavy hair is obviously more of a hindrance than a blessing, especially at his age, he prefers to ask people to help him wrap his hair rather than getting it cut.

In the short clip, a frail-looking Doddapalliah can be seen squinting in pain as a couple of people work to untangle the entangled mess on top of his head for a photo shoot. Another disturbing thing is that it seems his hair has not been washed in a while either, which would explain the thick, hard looking dreadlocks. The elderly man might also be experiencing serious discomfort with the hair which he might not let anyone know.



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