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Snake Appears In Water As Man Feeds Fish Directly With His Hand (Watch Shocking Video)

This might be the best warning to those who put their hands directly in murky water to feed fish. A man did just that but it turned out to be a bad experience.

But wait a minute, it looks like this snake knows the man from somewhere probably as a good friend or a friend’s friend. Otherwise after watching the video you would definitely wonder why the snake seemed to just exchange greetings with the man’s hand and move on.

A video that has people in stitches shows a man feeding fish when a snake swims up right next to his hand in water, sending him running for his life.

The video is being widely circulated on Reddit where it was shared three days ago by user “fevertheme”.

In the 16-second clip, the man is seen putting his hand directly in murky water to feed a school of fish. The man’s plan of feeding fish directly was actually going well initially, with fish swimming right up to his hand, until the snake appeared.

The video shows the reptile swimming up right next to the man’s hand, who does not seem to notice it at first.

The man seemingly notices the snake very late, leaving a enough time for the reptile to have stroke if it had that plan. But it didn’t and the man got lucky, even though he quickly abandoned the feeding session to flee the scene after seeing the snake suspecting it to be a venomous creature.

“Rattlesnakes can swim btw,” the man wrote while sharing the clip. Take a look at it below:

Since being shared on Reddit three days ago, the video has collected over 44,000 ‘upvotes’ and hundreds of amused comments.

Rattlesnakes can swim btw from WTF

While many debated the kind of snake it was – arguing that it did not look like a venomous rattlesnake – others had a good laugh over the man’s “slow reflexes” in noticing the serpent and running away.

“I thought at first he was trying to remain still on purpose, but I suppose not,” wrote one person.

“That’s a water snake, not a rattler,” another remarked.

“Ran like the thing was going to jump out and transport him into the 4th dimension,” a Reddit user commented.

(with reports from NDTV)

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