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Woman reaches into washer for her snake print cloth, finds huge python instead

This is a quick lesson on why you should not always conclude without being double sure when it has to do with what might be a snake, even when you think snakes don’t usually come around. A Florida woman learnt this lesson the hard way after she thought that what she saw inside her washer was her snake print cloth only to find a huge python slither in the washer.

Emily Visnic says she’s still shaken after she reached into her washing machine and found a python slithering around inside.

Visnic was going to load the washer in her studio apartment when she saw some snakeskin, but she thought it was simply clothing made of snakeskin – until it began to slither.

“I looked down and saw something snakeskin, and I was like, ‘Huh, what did I put in here that was snakeskin?’ And I reached down, and it started slithering. Oh my gosh, I screamed so loud. It was a huge python,” Visnic said.

The woman ran out of her apartment and found maintenance men, who removed the snake. They did not tell Visnic what they did with it.

Days after the incident, Visnic is still on edge.

“The first couple of days were tough. I was really, really freaked out. I kept thinking I was – because the thing kept hissing. So, I was walking around like ‘Did I just hear a hiss, or did I just hear that move?’” Visnic said.

Animal control speculates the snake could be an escaped pet; though Visnic’s apartment building does not allow pet snakes. A neighbor had reported hearing a snake hiss the day before the incident, which leads animal control to believe the creature was traveling through the building’s vents.


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