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Viral Video Shows Giant Alligator Stealing Golf Ball

Alligators are very common in the American state of Louisiana but not as golfers or golf ball thieves. A group of friends having fun by playing the game of gulf were stunned to see a stray alligator on their golf course stealing their ball.

A video going viral online shows the alligator joining the group and calmly taking their golf ball in his mouth. Lane Rodrigue told TMZ News that he was playing at the Idlewild Golf Course in Patterson, Louisiana on Monday when the gator walked right up to them and “snatched” their ball.

In the video, the reptile is seen with its jaws open, as if daring the golfers to come claim their ball. The video has gone viral on social media- making its way to other platforms like Reddit and Twitter, where it has left viewers amazed. Watch  video below:

Since being posted on Twitter, the video has garnered over 2 lakh views and hundreds of responses.

“Gator is being quite cheeky about it, really. Almost like he’s saying ‘you mean this ball? Here, come & get it.'” wrote one person in the comments section.

“Correction: it is NOT the golfer’s ball any longer,” another remarked.

According to news website La 100, neither the golfers nor the alligator were harmed in the encounter – most probably because the players made no attempt to retrieve their ball.

The State of Louisiana, according to Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, has the highest alligator population, currently approaching a whopping 2 million.

The alligators are most common in coastal marshes.


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