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Woman spots ‘ghost of her father’ visiting house to sit in his favourite chair

This sounds scary but the woman involved has a hair-raising footage to back up her claims.

A grieving daughter has claimed security cameras captured the ghost of her late father visiting his old home – prompting her dying mum to say “he’s come for me”, reports Mirror.

Norma Villa had been caring for her 75-year-old mum Teresa, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, for two months.

After the pair had discussed the possibility her mother going into a hospice as her health deteriorated, Norma says she went to her bedroom to ‘take a moment’ and began ‘talking’ to her father Leandro, who had passed away a decade earlier.

She says as she did so she got a notification on her phone, alerting her that movement had been detected on the front porch.

When she checked the footage, she saw a ‘ghostly figure’ swoop down and sit on her swinging porch seat, in the exact spot where her dad had sat whenever he enjoyed a cigarette.

Mum-of-three Teresa showed the video to her mum, who believed it was her husband and smiled, claiming that he was there for her.

Teresa passed away a few months later in February this year, and 55-year-old Norma says she now finds the footage of the incident ‘reassuring’.

Norma, from Texas, US, said: “I believe this could be the ghost of my dad.

Norma says the incident has ‘reassured’ her and helped her cope after her mother passed away (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

“I felt at peace when I saw the video. The first thing that came to my mind was my dad – I instantly knew it was him.

“I kept watching the video and he always sat in that spot and always sat outside to smoke. That was his favourite spot right there.

“It brings me comfort to think it was my dad watching over us both. I think he was there to reassure me.

“My mum had been diagnosed with cancer in September and they gave her less than six months to live – she was already half way there.

“That night she was really sick and we were talking about a hospice already because she was unable to walk anymore.

“I went to my room and I had a moment. I needed to just let everything out and I started talking to my dad.

“I was actually comforted by it by talking to him – I just felt better. As I’m lying there my notification on my phone went off that something was on the porch.

“I have a security camera and it gives off a notification when there’s something around.

“I expected it to be a cat or something of an animal type, but it was actually that.
“I kept rewinding it and I was like ‘what is that?’

“I showed my mum and the first thing she said was ‘they’re coming for me’. She wasn’t scared, she wasn’t hallucinating at the time.

“I didn’t ask her what she meant – I just said ‘please don’t talk like that’. She just smiled.

(Mirror UK)

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