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Police arrest woman who stripped naked and tried out sex toy in adult shop

The Florida woman caught “trying out” a sex toy in a Fort Pierce sex shop was Theresa Ann Stanley, 36.

An employee at the Lion’s Den adult superstore said Stanley came into the store around 7pm on Aug. 31, removed a sex toy from its packaging and – according to the police report – began using the “pink-coloured, penis-shaped sex toy in a masturbatory manner”.

Fort Pierce Police said Stanley was clad in nothing but a purple t-shirt when staff called them, but by the time officers tracked her down to the shop’s back office, where she had found herself a chair and was thoroughly enjoying herself, she was completely naked.

As the officers entered the room, Stanley stood up and the sex toy fell to the floor. She appeared to be “slightly intoxicated,” say police.

After being read her rights, the suspect declined to the speak with the arresting officer, whose body-camera recorded the bizarre incident, reports Daily Star.

While Stanley initially declined to respond to police questioning she later admitted she had consumed “about six beers” during the course of the day.

Police took Stanley to a nearby hospital for evaluation before taking her to the St. Lucie County Jail on charges of misdemeanour charges of larceny and indecent exposure.

Store staff reported that Stanley also removed an item of clothing from its packaging and tried it on without permission. The total value of the goods allegedly stolen from the Lion’s Den totalled $45.98 (about £35)

Stanley is currently being held on a $1,500 bond. She has previously been convicted for soliciting prostitution and possession of drug paraphernalia and also has a pending grand theft auto charge to answer.

(Daily Star)

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