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Naked Cleaning Services Where You Earn Up to £45 an Hour

You surely know of cleaning services that take care of homes when invited but what you might not be very conversant with is that there are companies that offer such services with their staff stack naked, if that is what a client wants. One strange thing again is that in some countries there are naked cleaning companies actually rejecting young, slender applicants because customers prefer middle-aged women.

According to Daily Mail UK, a particular company in the UK, the Naturist Cleaners has some 300 professionals on its books who are willing to scrub, dust and polish in the nude at homes across the UK.

The cleaners earn between £30 and £45 an hour and a strict ‘no touching’ policy is in place on all jobs.

Clients can request male or female cleaners of a range of ages, shapes and sizes – but it is women of an ‘experienced age and fuller figure’ who prove most popular.

Company founder Laura Smith said: ‘We’re like an agency, we have workers all across the country, from London to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

‘Overall there has to be 300 nude cleaners, catering to all kinds of tastes.

‘The kind of people that use the service varies. It’s not all men, we have females requesting male cleaners. Some people who call us think we offer “undercover services” but our rates are middle tier and reflect otherwise.’

She continued: ‘We’ve had to turn some people down though – most of our customers prefer women of a more experienced age and fuller figure. Ones that show their years of cleaning experience.’

Ms Smith founded the company last year after originally setting out to launch a standard cleaning firm.

‘[A customer] wanted a nude woman to clean his flat, so I asked one of the girls,’ she explained. ‘I saw a business opportunity and decided to go with it.’

The entrepreneur initially used social media to spread the word but it was eventually shut down because of its nude content.

Naked cleaning services at work (photos for illustration)

Ms Smith, who practises naturism, added: ‘Our basic idea is that you should feel good about yourself no matter who you are, regardless of colour, age or weight.’

Cleaner Silva, 43, from London, said it was easy to transition from a standard agency to the Naturist Cleaners because she was a practising naturist.

She continued: ‘I would recommend it if you are totally comfortable with your body, otherwise it can be quite nerve-wrecking.

Photo for illiustraton

‘For our customers the service is “a great view”. It makes me feel confident about my self, I feel empowered.’

Satisfied customers have left glowing reviews on the website, with one client calling it a ‘wonderful, cool experience’.

Client Bob Harding said: ‘Today I had a clothes-free cleaner – she arrived on time and got straight on with it. She was a very nice and friendly lady and did a perfect cleaning job.’

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