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Terrified Woman Spots Black Snake Hitching Ride In Her Car (Video)

A woman had an unexpected terrifying moment while driving her car when she suddenly realised that she was carrying an unwanted passenger in the glove compartment – a venomous snake. The Australian woman was behind the wheel when she noticed a red-bellied black snake in the glove box of her Toyota.

The red-bellied black snake was pulled from the glove box of the woman’s red Toyota after she spotted the venomous reptile while driving.

The woman was behind the wheel in Lowood, about 60 kilometres west of Brisbane, when she noticed the snake on Monday, reports Daily Mail UK.

She pulled over in front of a chemist and called Andrew’s Snake Removal to remove the metre-long creature from the car.

Andrew of Andrew’s Snake Removal said that he was called to a pharmacy in Queensland by the woman who noticed the venomous snake slithering inside the glove compartment. The driver, who has not been named, pulled into the chemist’s after spotting the hitchhiking snake.

‘The lady driving obviously got a hell of a fright as she saw it coming out while driving,’ Andrew’s Snake Removal wrote on Facebook, alongside a video of the removal.

‘I opened up the glove box and there it was sitting nice and content.’

The snake catcher grabbed the serpent by his tail and begun to pull his body through a gap at the top of the glove box.

‘He was sitting right in your glove box,’ the snake catcher told the woman.

He then softly jiggled the snake’s belly to free him from the car.

‘C’mon buddy,’ he said before the snake fell through the gap. Andrew’s Snake Removal said it had been a ‘busy day’ but he was glad to have freed the snake swiftly.

‘Its usually a nightmare to find a snake when its got in to a car but luckily found this guy pretty quickly,’ the Facebook post read.

(Daily Mail UK)

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