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Viral Pic Of Baby Removing Doctor’s Mask Becomes Symbol Of Hope

As some countries begin to witness a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, a viral photo of a baby removing a doctor’s facemask has gone viral as a symbol of hope toward the end of the pandemic.

It’s actually an old picture but it is still very powerful as a symbol of hope. The picture shows a newborn baby trying to ‘remove’ her doctor’s surgical mask has become a viral hit amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic, which began earlier this year, introduced a new normal to the world where several countries have made face masks mandatory while stepping out to reduce the risk of infection.

While most people comply with regulations and wear face coverings, these new must-have face accessories have invited anger and criticism for being uncomfortable.

It’s safe to say that most people are waiting for pre-pandemic times when face masks were not necessary and they could step out without fear. In such a scenario, it’s little surprise that they find this picture of a baby girl trying to tear off her doctor’s mask quite relatable.

The picture was shared on Instagram by UAE-based gynaecologist Dr Samer Cheaib. It shows the newborn with her hand clasped around her doctor’s mask, pulling it off his face to reveal his huge smile underneath.

“We all want a sign that we are going to take off the mask soon,” Dr Cheaib wrote while sharing the pic on Instagram and Facebook.

The picture has become a viral hit on social media, collecting thousands of ‘likes’.

Many saw it as a sign for a better future, while others said it summed up the year 2020 for them.

“We will all take off the mask soon,” wrote one person, while another said, “This should be the photo of 2020.”

“The most beautiful pic I have seen. Hopefully we will get rid of masks soon,” a commenter wrote.



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