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Horrifying Video Shows Python Coiled Around Woman’s Leg

After saving the python from a cat, this is how the reptile ‘showed gratitude’ to the woman. Not nice at all.

Horrifying visuals show a python coiled around a woman’s leg in Australia. A southeast Queensland woman was forced to call the police after the snake wrapped itself around her right leg and refused to let go. According to Yahoo News, the incident occurred shortly after the woman rescued the python from her cat.

A dramatic video of the snake coiled around the woman’s leg and the rescue operation that followed was released by Queensland Police on social media. While having a snake wrapped around one’s leg is enough to give most people nightmares, the woman appeared to be calm and collected. She even bent down to pet the snake which, according to the Brisbane Times, measured three metres or nearly 10 feet.

“You’re petting a snake,” a bemused cop can be heard saying to her in the video.

The woman apologised for calling the police, saying that she could have managed without their help if she had a friend over. The video shows Ferny Grove cops rescuing her from the python’s “vice-like” grip.

One cop called it the “most interesting job” they have had.

The video ends with the woman calmly picking the python up. When the officers asks if she wants help putting it back in the pen, assuming that the snake is a pet, the woman responds by saying it’s wild.

“Oh, seriously? Righty-o,” the shocked police officer responds.

Pythons are non-venomous snakes that kill their prey by constriction. They are some of the largest snakes in the world, and can grow over 30 feet in length.



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