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Model Fixes Phone In Back Pocket To Record People Staring At Her Bum (Video)

An Instagram model has caught several men staring at her bum as she placed her phone on record in her back pocket.

Alexas Morgan from Miami, Florida, set up the social experiment to see how many men stare at her derrière when she goes out in public.

The 24-year-old placed her phone in the back pocket of her jeans with the camera facing outwards and started recording anyone with a lingering eye.

The video sees several men taking a glimpse of her behind – some even pointed and gave nods of approval.

Speaking to the camera at the start of the clip, Alexas said: “I want to see how many stares my booty gets, I’m going to put the camera right here.”

She added funny audio effects to the reactions, and the video has left Instagram users in hysterics.

One wrote: “It was the last one for me. Dude turned his head a whole 180 just to see.” Another added: “The last one bro cracked his spine to look”.

It seems this ‘experiment’ started out as a TikTok challenge back in August which was called #phoneinbackpocketchallenge. Original, right?

Using the hashtag, the videos show various TikTok users heading out to public places like supermarkets and shopping centres, and most of them seem to show people looking at their phone – which happens to be exactly where their bum is.

TikToker Emilia Evangeline uploaded her video with the caption: “So I didn’t expect this many on such little footage.”

On her video, you can see at least two men going in for a double stare at her posterior, with others giving her glances as they walk past, presumably not realising she is filming them to show the world.

People commented on how funny the video was, but also that they’re guilty of doing the same. One person wrote: “I’m waiting to see myself in one of these one day!”

Another asked: “So question, does it make you feel good or feel weird knowing that [people look at you]?”

The reply was: “Bit of both, I lost a lot of weight and still kinda see myself as the bigger girl I used to be because I guarantee what I used to look [like] no-one would have.”

Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you want to look at it, for some the test for the TikTok trend was slightly less successful.

For example, one user who posted a video that has been viewed more than 300,000 times can be heard saying in the clip: “Well, nobody looked… not a single person. The only person that looked was my boyfriend, literally just my boyfriend.”


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