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Model Claims ‘Exposing Her Private Parts’ To The Sun Boosts Libido (Photos)

A Brazilian model has said she ‘exposes her private parts to the sun‘ as a way to boost her libido.

Letícia Martins, 23, known as Lunna Leblanc, posted a photo of herself to Instagram in which she’s saluting the sun with her lady bits – something she says forms part of her morning routine.

Sharing the eye-catching photo, she wrote: “Nothing better than a morning sun.

“Did you know that exposing your private parts to the sun can provide you with more energy, increase your libido, improve the circadian rhythm (which regulates the entire functioning of the human body) and still help you get a good night’s sleep?”

She then asked: “What did you think of this experience?”

I’m thinking I live in the north west of England, Lunna, so it’s a big ‘nope’ from me.

Bizarrely, Lunna is not the first Instagrammer to speak about the supposed ‘benefits’ of pointing your nether regions towards the sun.

Last year, a YouTuber and Instagram influencer called Meagan, from California in the US, shared some unusual snaps of the pose she holds to shine some sunlight on her ‘bum and yoni’.

Meagan claimed it was an ancient Taoist practice and also, erroneously, said ’30 seconds of sunlight on your butthole is the equivalent of a full day of sunlight with your clothes on’.

Much like Lunna, Meagan said it helped gives her surges of energy and ‘better sleep’.

She also said it aided in “attracting my desires and intentions with ease” as well as drawing “soul tribe and people who are on the same frequency and wavelength as me”.

She went on to say it’s “truly more energising than slamming cups of coffee – but I don’t have get my a*** out to get a Costa, do I, Meagan?”

Though Meagan might be enjoying what she does, it is necessary to point out that getting yourself sun burnt increases your risk of cancer and there is no safe way to get a tan, unless it’s out of a bottle.



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