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Woman Accidentally Sets Her Hair On Fire While Singing With Boyfriend (Scary Video)

Having fire on your hair is not the best wish for yourself during Christmas. So if it has to happen, it will be an accidental incident, like in the case of this woman.

British-born singer-songwriter Sofia Ellar, accidentally set her hair on fire while singing a Christmas carol with her boyfriend.

Sofia, 27, shared a video of the scary incident on Instagram last week, where it has been viewed over half a million times.

In the video, Sofia, sits next to her boyfriend Alvaro Soler. Dressed in a white jumpsuit, the singer – who was born in London and now lives in Madrid – joins her boyfriend in singing ‘Feliz Navidad’ in front of beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Two lit candles are also seen placed behind her.

As Sofia got more excited while singing, she leaned back set her hair on fire without knowing. The video shows the tips of her hair catching fire after brushing against the candles. Unaware of her hair going up in flames, she continues singing for a few seconds before realisation dawns. As her boyfriend immediately jumps up to help her, she was filmed rushing out of the frame, knocking over a glass of champagne.

Posting the clip on Instagram, she wrote: “2019, we were good. 2020, we light fires and drop glasses. Hello 2

Watch the video below:

“Sofia I can’t stop laughing but I swear I feel terrible at the same time,” said another.

“I am guilty of laughing. This year just doesn’t end,” wrote one person in the comments section.

Luckily, it appears that the singer managed to come out unscathed by the fire. She later shared another clip which shows her and Alvaro Soler wishing their followers a merry Christmas – this time without any incidents.


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