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Outrage Over Kids TV Show That Centres On Man With ‘World’s Longest Penis’ (Video)

This show has split public opinion in Denmark between those who think it’s just a harmless tv show to help kids understand human anatomy and those who find it very disturbing and in bad taste. You might have to watch intro to make up your mind on this.

A new animated kids TV show has got people in Denmark talking, given the fact it’s based on a man with the world’s longest penis. Watch the intro:

John Dillermand has the world’s longest penis, and as the theme tune for the show explains, roughly translated – ‘there’s nothing he can’t do with it’.

Our John can be seen using his massive willy for a whole variety of every day tasks – for example, using it as an extended lead for his dog. At other times, John’s huge penis can be embarrassing. At one point, he accidentally gets caught in a passing bus while he’s innocently standing at the end of his drive with a rake in one hand.

The animated show premiered on Danish public serviced kid’s channel DR Ramasjang on Saturday and since then has sparked a debate around whether John’s penis is suitable for kids to see.

Some have called it upsetting, saying it’s not suitable for its target age range of children aged four to eight years old.

Others have suggested that their children might think that exposing themselves is acceptable.

However, others say that adults shouldn’t be sexualising the cartoon, which is purely a light-hearted show based on human anatomy.

One parent wrote on Facebook: “As a parent, I am mildly shaken and shocked by the line you are currently choosing. I am deeply outraged and think it is SO perverse and inappropriate television for young children. This is the last time I let my children see Ramasjang.”

Another said: “How whimsical is it by DR that after Sofie Linde’s ‘woman cry’ about equality and violation we are back to ‘John Dillermand’, who cannot control his diller, which among other things steals ice from children, makes dogs bite into it, stops cars with it and helps old ladies across the road.”

Morten Skov Hansen, the head of DR Ramasjang, has issued a statement saying that John Dillermand will continue to be aired as planned. He also noted that Sex & Samfund, a Danish association for sexual education, formed part of the show.

The first episode was watched by 86,000 on DR TV.

One sure thing is that this kind of sure cannot go on air in certain climes especially in Africa and Middle East.




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