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Monkey Tail Beard Is Now The New Facial Trend Of 2021 (Photos)

This looks a bit bizarre on the face but it seems to be trending these days.

The monkey tail beard is among the most symbolic of the mass confusion and ‘stuff it’ attitude of 2020 probably brought about by the boredom caused by the Covid-19 lock down.

So you might be wondering what it looks like. It’s basically when a bloke grooms the beard and moustache into a long monkey tail-like shape that runs down one sideburn, down the jawline, along the chin, and then curls up around the side of the mouth, and then ends above the top lip.

The primate-inspired look was first spotted back in September 2019, when MLB baseball player Mike Fiers donned the bizarre facial hairstyle to get a laugh out of his teammates.

After a while, the look soon exploded into a full-on trend across social media, with many taking the trend to wild new heights by adding stripes or even a spiral curl under the chin.

While many men are embracing the bizarre trend with open arms, it seems that others are on the fence about the whacky ‘do, at least according to social media.

One Twitter user declared: “Monkey tail beards will 100% protect against unwanted pregnancies.”

Another added: “Lockdown needs to end and we all need to be vaccinated stat as this is getting ridiculous now.”

While the trend does seem a bit bananas, it all just a bit of harmless fun – so monkey on ’til your heart’s content, lads.


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