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See Viral Photos Of Animals Interrupting Wildlife Photographers

You might have to drop everything and look at these adorable photographs of curious animals approaching wildlife photographers.

These photos are sure to brighten up your day. A thread that is going viral on Twitter compiles some of the most magical shots of animals approaching wildlife photographers on the job.

Wildlife photographers have a job that requires a lot of patience and a lot of waiting. Photographers sometimes stay at one spot for hours – or even return to it day after day – until they manage to get the perfect shot. But while it sometimes takes ages for their patience to be rewarded, sometimes, their subjects approach them with little hesitation.

These photos capture some such unexpected encounters between animals and wildlife photographers. Twitter user Joaquim Campa shared the pics in a thread that has gone massively viral on the microblogging platform. Take a look at it below:

A very friendly fox approaches photographer Dan Dinu

Liba Radova is approached by a baby deer and baby wolf in these adorable pics

British photographer Will Burrard Lucas, seen here with a meerkat

Another curious fox

Art Wolfe shares a moment with a southern elephant seal

A baby cheetah sits on one photographer

And a large bird swoops down on another

“How do I look?”

The Twitter thread has racked up thousands of likes and comments.

“Brilliant thread. I needed that laugh,” wrote one person in the comments section. “Thank you for these pictures. They made my day,” said another.


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