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Man Consumes Only Beer For Lent To Raise Money For Hospitality Industry

A brewery owner is back on his strict beer-only diet for Lent and he’s doing it to raise money for the hospitality sector which has taken a hit over lockdown.

Del Hall started his mission on 17 February (otherwise known as Ash Wednesday, or ‘the day after Pancake Day’) and will live on beer-only calories for 46 days until 4 April (Easter).

Surprisingly, the army veteran is now 16 days in and has lost 22.2 lbs. In 2020, when he completed the diet for the second time, he lost a total of 50 lbs… and all you have to do is drink beer – the dream for many.

It’s worth mentioning – he also raised over $10,000 (£7,150) for a local charity in the midst of the global pandemic.

This time round, the army veteran and self-confessed ‘Beer Diet Innovator’ is hoping to lose 40 lbs and raise at least $50,000 (£35,700).

But where will the money go to, you ask? Well, Del has created ‘SgtDel’s Virtual Tip Jar‘ where 100 percent of all donations will go directly to the staff of bar and restaurants in Southern Ohio or Northern Kentucky.

All you have to do is contact Del directly and sign-up to participate and receive a marketing package. This means that part of whatever raised will go to you/your company/your members of staff. (But you must have an on-premise liquor permit).


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