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Watch As Girl With Prosthetic Leg Thrills The Internet As She Climbs Over A Ditch

This kid has used what others see as disability to wow the internet.

Her story has inspired many people online.

A heart-warming video which shows a young girl with a prosthetic leg trying to climb over a ditch with some encouragement from her mother, has impressed the internet community. The video, which was originally posted on Instagram in January, found its way to Twitter recently and has gone viral on the microblogging platform.

In it, the mother, who is recording the video, can be heard shouting words of encouragement to her daughter, Antonella. The child is skeptical of her ability to climb the ditch and she even puts out her hand for support. Her mother is heard saying, “You know how to! You can do it.” As the girl continues to struggle, the mother adds, “No, you are not going to fall. You are strong.”


After a few failed attempts, the girl manages to climb over the ditch and lets out a cry of happiness. Her mother says, “You see how you did it?” and asks her daughter to turn around. To this, the girl smiles and flashes a ‘thumbs up’ at the camera.

The clip was first shared on an Instagram account dedicated to the young amputee back in January. It has been going viral since it resurfaced on Twitter yesterday. Since being posted on the microblogging platform, it has been viewed nearly 3 lakh times, collecting hundreds of comments from viewers moved by the girl’s determination.

The tweet was shared by former American basketball player, Rex Chapman, who was moved by the girl’s smile at the end of the video.



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