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The Internet Found A Donald Trump Lookalike In Pakistan (Viral Video)

Donald Trump is still buzzing the internet in several ways even though he is no longer in office as US president.

A kulfi seller from Pakistan is now famous on the Internet for his striking resemblance to former US president Donald Trump. In a video that has taken social media by storm, the kulfi seller can be heard singing on the streets – and while his voice has certainly impressed more than a few viewers, it was his resemblance to Donald Trump that got the Internet talking.

The video was shared on Instagram and Twitter Thursday by Pakistani singer Shehzad Roy, who praised the kulfi seller’s impressive voice and asked if anyone could put him in touch with the man. In the 23-second clip, the elderly man, who reportedly had albinism, can be seen wearing a kurta-pajama while standing in front of his ice cream cart.

The clip has received thousands of views across social media platforms. Many praised the man’s voice, while others commented on his looks and mannerisms, which they found quite similar to Mr Trump’s.

Reactions were much the same on Instagram, where the video racked up over 200 comments.

“He is from Sahiwal. We grew up with his voice and kulfi in our streets,” commented one Instagram user.

“Looks = Donald Trump. Soul = Naseebo Lal,” said another, referring to the famous Pakistani folk singer.


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