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Woman Tries To Enter House Through Chimney, Gets Stuck

When you rush out of your home and jam the locks without the keys, funny ideas come to your mind on how to gain entry back into the house when you return. Well, this woman’s plan did not work the way she had planned.

When this woman in Nevada found herself locked out of her house, she decided to not go down the traditional path of trying to get hold of a spare key or calling the locksmith. Instead, she came up with the plan of entering the home through the chimney.

The entry idea, which seems to be inspired by a wizard series or two, did not end well for the 18- year-old woman. The teenager got stuck just above the flue of the chimney and had to be rescued by the fire department. In a post on Facebook, Henderson Fire Department threw light on the incident and wrote, “Firefighters used a rope system to rescue an 18-year-old girl from the chimney of a single-story house near Horizon and College drives this morning. The teen tried to climb through the chimney after getting locked out of her home and got stuck just above the flue.”


Adding that the woman did not suffer any injury in the unusual accident, the note further read, “Henderson firefighters are trained for confined space rescue and pulled the uninjured girl to safety in about half an hour.”

Despite the dangerous position that the woman had found herself in, the humour of the situation was not lost of Facebook users who shared their views about the incident.


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