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Watch: Lion Climbs Into Campers’ Tent. See What Happened Next Will Shock You

Cinematographer Robert Hofmeyr was doing some filming work with his brother-in-law in Botswana when the he was confronted with a sight that would frighten the best of us – a lion inside their camping tent.

According to Mr Hofmeyr, it was after their first night of camping at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, when they woke up before daybreak, that he saw the lion.

“It was about 6 am, it was still dark, we were making coffee and brushing our teeth when I looked up and the eyes of a young male lion caught in the light of my head torch,” he was quoted as saying by ViralHog.

Startled, Mr Hofmeyr asked his brother-in-law to get in the car immediately and they both dived for the safety of the vehicle. Once safe inside, he started filming the scene.

Hair-raising footage filmed by Mr Hofmeyr shows the lion circling their tent and examining their things.

“The lion then decided to taste my sleeping bag, which was less amusing, to me at any rate, than Andy’s pillow, so we started the car and drove towards the tent which caused him to drop the sleeping bag and move off a bit,” said Mr Hofmeyr. He added that the big cat was healthy and did not appear to be aggressive at all, just curious.

Robert Hofmeyr filmed a lion circling around his camping tent in Botswana.

“What scared me in retrospect, is that I had just happened to look in the direction the lion was approaching from. If I had not looked up, or if he had approached from behind the car or tent, we would only have noticed him when he was a couple of meters away,” said Mr Hofmeyr.


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