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Woman Locked In 7-Year Battle With Government To Prove She’s Alive

A woman from New Jersey is stuck in a battle to prove that she’s still alive, after she was accidentally marked as dead by the government.

Samantha Dreissig, 25, first started having trouble when the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) started listing her as ‘deceased’, when her mother died in 2014. She believes the government agency got her and her mother confused, despite them not sharing a surname.

Speaking to CBS2 News, summer camp counsellor Dreissig said: “Life is short. You never know when it’s gonna end.”

But the IRS say it actually ended seven years ago for her.

Dreissig added: “The last actual person I had spoken to from the IRS – and I quote, ‘Wow, you’re dead all over our system’.”

“They say nope, sorry, this account’s linked to a deceased person,” Dreissig added.

One of the news outlet’s reporters called the federal tax agency herself, to see if they would accept from her that she is in fact still alive.

CBS reporter Jessica Layton told the agency: “She’s definitely not dead.

“I just spoke with her.”

The ridiculous situation doesn’t just affect her, it’s also a nightmare for her father, who can’t list her as a dependent on his tax returns because she’s dead on paper.

In a recent letter, the IRS told her: “These situations may take some time to resolve.”

Dreissig added: “I honestly want the IRS to know that I’m alive, kicking.”


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