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Man Conducts Olympic Games For Countries With The Biggest Average Penis Size

A TikTok user has gone viral on the platform after posting a video with the result of his very own Olympics – the Penis Olympics. The man has also published results showing countries that have the largest (and smallest) average penis size.

Instead, TikTok account holder Dylan Page (@dylanpage.ning) decided to announce the winner of the Penis Olympics – that is the top three countries in the world based on average penis size.

So, what were the top three?

Coming in third place was the south American country of Bolivia, where supposedly the average length of a male penis is 6.5 inches when erect.

Credit: @dylanpage.ning/TikTok

In second was Cameroon in Africa, with their men boasting an average penis size of 6.56 inches.

However, way out on top and taking home the gold medal are the people of Ecuador, also in south America, with their gents averaging out at 6.93 inches.

So there you have it. Any insecure men reading up to this point are now granted permission to get their rulers out and start measuring themselves.

It appears that Page has got his data from the World Population Review, which – for those wondering – has very clear notes on just how they collated this data.

“Measurements in the data provided are the length on the upper side of the penis from the root of the shaft to the tip of the glands,” the site reads.

It adds: “Figures in the data are for the average size of an erect penis. The erect length of a penis is about 1.5 times the length of a flaccid penis.

“This is because, during an erection, blood flows into the erectile tissue of the penis causing it to grow and harden.”

Which all makes sense.

Anyway, Dylan is nothing if not a man keen to shine a light on penis sizes both great and small, and also posted a follow-up video of the top three countries with the smallest average penis length.

So, err, coming in to bronze medal in this category is Taiwan in Asia with an average length of 4.24 inches.

Taking the silver medal is Burma, with an average length of 4.21 inches.

Taking the perhaps more dubious top spot – although it is of course all about how you use it – is Cambodia with an average male penis length of 3.95 inches.

The UK incidentally has an average erect penis length of 5.17 inches – for those of you still measuring.


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