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(Viral Video) Woman Rescued From 50-Foot Well In India

A rescue operation involving fire department officials and local residents was carried out in Wayanad district, in Kerala, India. This took place after a woman from the area fell into a well on Tuesday, August 10.

The woman was pulled back to safety from the 50-feet-deep well using ropes and other equipment. A video of the rescue operation shows  fire department personnel pulling a large net with the woman inside it out of the well with help from onlookers. As the woman reaches the opening of the well, she can be seen holding onto the net she is sitting in. Asking her to let go of the net, the personnel pull her onto the land.

In the clip shared by the news agency ANI, the woman is seen falling back as she steps out of the net, presumably in a state of shock after the accident. However, as people around help her back to her feet, she can be seen walking. Along with the clip, the tweet attached said, “Kerala: Fire Department officials and locals rescued a woman after she fell into a 50-feet deep well in Wayanad (10.08).”



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