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Lionel Messi’s Used Tissue From Barcelona Farewell On Sale For $1 Million (Photos)

Though this might be the most expensive used tissue in recent times, there are some fans who wouldn’t mind having it if they have the money.

Argentine football star Lionel Messi, 34, shocked the football world when he bid adieu to Barcelona.

The press conference where he struggled to hold back his tears while bidding farewell to the club had gone viral.

It was indeed an emotional moment for all Messi fans out there.

Messi’s exit press conference has come to mind again in a strange way. It’s about the tissue Messi used to wipe his tears during the press conference. Yes, you read that right. The tissue is up for an auction on a website named Meikeduo. It has been priced at $1 million.

The tissue was collected by an anonymous person after Messi threw it in the bin, reported Gulf Today. The person then put up advertisements on popular websites and announced the whopping price, perhaps with dreams to make a fortune out of the soggy tissue.

Messi addressed his final Barca press conference on August 8. He bade an emotional farewell to the Spanish football club after his successful 21-year-old career with the club. During the press conference, as Messi started tearing up, his wife Antonela Rocuzzo passed him a tissue to wipe his tears. However, the star footballer wouldn’t have guessed the aftermath of this tissue.

The ad is still live on the international auction website and the memorabilia hasn’t yet been sold, according to Sport Bible. The caption reads that this precious Messi merchandise contains his “genetic material” in it. So, potential buyers should know that in return for their dollars, they will get his genes, which can help them “clone” another footballer just like Messi. If that isn’t a brazen call, what is?

Messi has signed a two-year contract with the French club Paris Saint-Germain. The contract has a possibility to be extended beyond the said time period. He also captains the Argentina national team, which recently won the Copa America cup this year. This was the first major cup that the national team won after a dry period spanning 28 years. Be it Messi or his used tissue, this year looks like a time of surprising turns for both of them.



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