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Snake Hitches Ride On Car Windscreen (video)

A man and a woman had the shock of their lives while driving along what looked like a highway, when a large snake hitched a ride on their car’s windscreen.

A video, filmed from inside the car, which is now going viral, shows a large snake slithering on the windscreen as the vehicle makes its way down a road. The video begins with the snake moving around on the bonnet dangerously. As the vehicle gains speed, the snake slithers across the bonnet and reaches the windscreen.

It slides on the shiny surface and comes closer to the driver, just across the windscreen, when the person driving decides to stop the car. The video shows that they are shielded by the glass screen and watch the snake’s attempt to get closer.

The reptile moves from the bonnet to the windscreen and then to the side window as the duo is trapped inside the vehicle.

The 21-second video has been viewed over 2,500 times on YouTube.

Several people commented on the video, with many of them wondering about the species of the snake. “What kind of snake is that,” asked June Berry.

“The kind that goes SSSssssssssssSss,” replied klashnacovak47.

“Judging by the location and the smaller size…it’s venomous. Venomous kind of snake,” said Bert.

Some found a way to have humour in the moment.

Trying to gauge what the snake would be thinking, Sarabpreet Kaur said, ”Snake: We’ve been trying to reach you for your car’s extended warranty”.

This isn’t the first time that a snake has given some unsuspecting drivers a nasty surprise.


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