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Watch Scary Video: Dust Devil Smashes Paraglider Against Fence

A paraglider in Austria recently had a scary encounter with a dust devil. The man was waiting to take off on a paragliding trip when he got a premature start as the dust devil blew in, caught his parachute, and sent him flying into a fence and then a tree, reports NDTV.

The incident occurred on March 21, 2022, in Stubenberg, Steiermark, Austria. In a 20-second video shared on the YouTube channel ViralHog, we can see the man wearing a parachute when the dust devil suddenly pops out of nowhere and hoists him into the air in a terrifying spiral.

As he is swept away on a frightening ride, he first strikes against a fence, and then over it, into a tree. We can also see a few branches breaking off and falling to the ground when he crashes into the tree.

The paraglider captioned the video, “I was preparing for launching with my paraglider when a dust devil plucked me up and smashed me into the fence, then into a tree. I did not get hurt during this incident.”

A few users saw the funny side of it.

One of them wrote, “Is it evil that I watched it more than once, and I laughed? On the other hand, I hope he’s okay, nothing broken.”

A third user commented, “First, the wind caught it, and then the tree, too! If it hadn’t been for that tree, that thing would have been long gone.”



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