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Watch Customers’ Reaction As Kangaroo Enters A Bar In Australia (Video)

The reaction of customers certainly made this video go viral.

A video taken in Australia is going viral on social media. It shows a kangaroo entering a bar and people not getting bothered by the animal.

Kangaroos are native to Australia and so the locals are used to their presence in public places. In the video, the kangaroo gets into the bar and makes his way out of it soon.

Shared on Instagram “australian.animals”, the video has received more than 85,000 likes and millions of views.

The video has been captioned “Unexpected visitor” and credited to a user named pennywittenbaker.

The unusual behaviour of the people present in the bar surprised social media users. “We love that everyone there just looked at him and was like “hm nice” and then kept waiting in line,” a user said on Instagram.

“Doesn’t look ‘unexpected.’ Everyone just moved and went about their business. It didn’t cause a fuss either. Looks like a frequent customer,” said a second user.

The kangaroo is a national animal of Australia. Appearing on the country’s coat of arms and part of its currency, it serves as a logo for some of Australia’s most well-known companies, including Qantas and the Royal Australian Air Force’s roundel.

Since the kangaroo is so significant to Australian culture and the national image, it has a lot of pop culture references.

Earlier this month, a white kangaroo was spotted in Queensland outback. A woman, living in Queensland, was stunned after catching a glimpse of the animal bounding at a property outside Longreach.


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