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Watch Intriguing Video of Crocodile Sneaking Up On Deer

This video is not for the fainthearted as it is filled with intrigues and shocking suspense.

The video posted on social media by an Indian user shows an apex predator crocodile hunting its prey and the action gives chills down the spine.

The video shows the reptile sneaking up to a herd of deer drinking water at a pond.

The video, posted on Instagram, starts with a herd of deer drinking water at a pond, unable to spot the crocodile in the muddy water. The reptile suddenly leaps out of water and grabs the leg of one of the stags dragging it inside the water.

The deer tries to wriggle out of the crocodile’s jaws but all the efforts go in vain. The rest simply run away.

The video has shocked the internet, inviting a barrage of comments on Instagram.

“That’s a lot more painful than it seems… His leg is small so the pain is excruciating!” a user commented.

“Hate crocodiles,” another user commented. The video has been posted on the Instagram handle of an Indian user but the location of the incident has not been revealed.



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