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Viral Video: See How Joe Biden’s Dog Enjoys Exploring The White House

Internet says this is adorable, watching how the dog moves round one of the most sacred places in the world, the White House.

US President Joe Biden’s new German Shepherd Commander is grown up now and getting all the attention.

A recent video going viral on social media shows the dog cheerfully frolicking around the White House.

President Biden himself shared the video on Twitter over the weekend with the caption: “It hasn’t taken long for Commander to find his way around the White House.”

This post has received over 66,000 likes and over 1.6 million views on Twitter.

Commander was adopted by the Biden family in December 2021 after they gave away the other German Shepherd Major. He can also be seen running through the White House’s lovely green grounds and passageways. Commander is the third member of the same breed in Biden’s family.


The video has received numerous comments where people are praising Commander while others can be seen writing complaints against the American Government.

“He is beautiful, so grateful to have a compassionate, caring, down to earth, “normal” President back in office. Thank you for all of your efforts against the tyranny you face each day with the GQP who Block everything you try to accomplish,” wrote a user.

“Thank you for sharing & for all you are,” commented a second user.


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