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11 year old girl survived Texas shooting by playing dead and smearing blood on herself

The family of a little girl that survived the Texas school shooting has revealed she played dead in order to survive the terrible shooting.

Miah Cerrillo, 11, was said to have used the blood of other victims in the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, May 24 to make it convincing to the killer so she won’t be shot.

“Miah got some blood and put it on herself so she could pretend she was dead,” Blanca Rivera, the girl’s aunt and godmother, told NBC-DFW.

“It’s too much for me to play that scene over and over again, but that’s what my sister-in-law said is that she saw her friend full of blood and she got blood and put it on herself.”

The shooting left 19 students and two teachers dead .

Rivera said Miah was injured and taken to a hospital but was released.

“My brother said she had bullet fragments in her back,” Rivera said.

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  1. In society today too many people fail to get involved in other peoples disputes and domestic violence in public. Some think its not there buisness and others are scared they might get hurt themselves. Then you have the law to worry about if you should get into an altercation with someone trying to help another you can get in trouble if you hurt that person whos hurting someone else. So its not so much that people dont care or they are cowards cause they do nothing. There just isnt any reassurances that they wont be arrested or charged with a crime. If there was im sure more people would get involved. But our judicial system is a joke and perps get all the perks while heros are treated like zeros.People in all communities need to speak up and fight gov to get laws changed or get new ones to protect heros instead of punishing them when they do get involved trying to help others. But despite the possibilities of all that could happen to you we all have a civic duty to help and protect those who cant protect themselves. Its just the right thing to do nomatter what may or may not happen once we do help others.

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