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Terrifying Video: Man Takes Nap With 2 Pythons Crawling Over Him

This is one video that will sure terrify many who will see it.

The video which is going viral on social media shows a man taking a nap with two large Burmese pythons (yellow in colour) crawling on his body.

The shocking footage shows the serpents just crawling around without harming him.

The internet is reacting in ways that show unbelievable nature of the video.

“Sometimes after a long day, taking a nap with your favorites is a must! I can’t be the only one,” says the caption of the video posted on Instagram by Snakebytestv.

Many social media users have been left gasping by the video.

“Wow… How can u chill like that,” asked an Instagram user.

“Umm they sizing you up to eat you …. I know you remember Steve Erwin I think that was his name !! The animal man!” said another.

Others simply posted they were “afraid”.

The Instagram handle where the video was posted is run by Brian Barczyk, a Michigan-based wildlife expert. Mr Barczyk is dedicated to educating animal lovers of all kinds about reptiles.

His Instagram bio says, “Traveling the world for animal adventures and daily vlogging it all!”


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