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Baby Elephant Rescued From Ditch After 4-Hour-Long Operation (Viral video)

A video currently going viral online shows a baby elephant being rescued after it fell into a ditch is going viral on social media.

The short video which was shared by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan shows rescuers attempting to lift the young elephant out by widening the ditch with the help of an excavator. This helped the rescuers come closer to the baby elephant. A rope was then tied around the elephant calf and it was pulled out of the ditch.

The post by Mr Kaswan says authorities were informed about the elephant calf stuck in the ditch at around 1 AM. They soon gathered in the dead of the night and successfully pulled out the calf after the hard work of four hours. The baby elephant was later guided safely towards its herd.

“At 1 AM teams got info of an elephant calf falling in a ditch. A long rescue operation in dead of night. By 5 AM he was rescued successfully. And then guided back to family which was in nearby forest,” the caption of the IFS officer’s post said.

Social media users have expressed how impressed they are by this action carried out by the forest department, and they have left beautiful remarks in the comments section.

“You are the saviours of our wildlife,” tweeted a user. “Super rescue operation. My respect for the entire team,” said another.


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