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Hong Kong woman arrested after she was filmed having sex on balcony

Police in Hong Kong have arrested a 36-year-old woman who is believed to be part of a couple caught having sex on a balcony.

The sex tape, which is around 17-seconds long, shows a woman and a naked man having sex on a balcony in Hong Kong.

Netizens have identified the place as K. Summit, a luxury residence in Kai Tak.

One disgruntled online commenter slammed the sex as a “diminishing of morals”.

Police say they discovered the clip after it was circulated on the internet and have classified the case as a public decency act.

The woman was arrested in Sau Mau Ping on Tuesday, June 7.

It was gathered that the suspect has now been released on bail as the investigation continues and must report back to the police in early July.

Nothing was said concerning whether the man involved in the act was also arrested to police said the case is still under investigation and more arrests cannot be ruled out.

While some netizens were critical of the duo — with one calling their act a “diminishing or morals”, the majority of internet users were more sympathetic.

“You can’t even [have sex] in private places,” asked one netizen.

Another questioned if one would be arrested for having sex in the bedroom if there are no curtains.

Yet another internet user pointed out that the one who should really be arrested is whoever filmed the video.


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